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Somex® Intima is an alcohol-free emulsion that provides optimal hygiene of the anal and vaginal area. Somex® Intima soothes and brings comfort to hypersensitive mucous membranes. This caring emulsion respects and restores the natural acidity (pH = 5.5). Somex® Intima prevents irritation. Irritation causes itching, which incites scratching. Scratching increases irritation, resulting in more itching, so even more scratching. So one enters a vicious circle, leading to chronic discomfort. Somex® Intima soothes the skin around and of the most intimate areas. Somex® Intima brings suppleness back to the skin. Somex® Intima does not stain and is non-greasy. 

Soap-free - No fragrance - Dermatologically tested