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BIOGAZE®, the woundcare product for burns & skin abrasions and recommended by the Dutch Burns Foundation. Available in both Hydrogel as in Gauzes. Indispensible in the first-aid Kit. The active ingredient of the water based Hydrogel is Tea Tree. It gives instant cooling, pain relieving and essential physical protection.

The Gauzes are provided with fatty ointment. They are made of open cell foam designed to hold gel in place and allow for heat dissipation and comfort.

The active ingredients, THYME and NIAOULI, of Biogaze gauze dressings have a disinfecting, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, the "greasy" BIOGAZE gauze has an absorbent effect so that "excess" wound moisture (exudation) is quickly absorbed by the gauze and BIOGAZE gauze provides a continuously moist microenvironment, so that wounds heal optimally.