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Acuris digital thermometer

  • Accurate and very quick measurement in approx. 10 seconds
  • Extra large display
  • Protective cover
  • Water-resistant
  • Special beep in case of fever


Acuris protective gel tube

Elastic ring with soft gel inside. Protects completely and relieves pain immediately.
Made of an elastic, soft and moisturising gel. Helps make corns and abrasions disappear. Cut the toe ring to fit your toe.
Available in sizes S and M.


Acuris protective bandage calluses and metatarsal bone "Hallux Valgus"

Elastic and soft protective fabric sleeve with gel cushion at the level of the metatarsal bone and hallux valgus.
The product design ensures that the gel always stays in place. The smaller size is suitable for any shoe. 
Relieves discomfort in the ball of the foot and protects the hallux valgus from the shoe.
Available in sizes S and L.

Note: wash with warm water and allow to dry. Do not use for more than 16 hours a day. Use only locally, do not bring into contact with open wounds.
Persons with diabetes or circulatory problems should consult a doctor before use. Keep out of reach of children.


Acuris protective bandage calluses "Hallux Valgus"

Highly elastic protective stocking. The inner gel pad immediately relieves pain and protects the area around the lump.
Due to its limited dimensions, the stocking fits into any type of footwear.


Acuris forefoot support

Elastic and soft sleeve in fabric for the ball of the foot with gel inside. Small size and special design suitable for any shoe. Cushions shocks and protects the sole of the forefoot.
Available in sizes S and L.


Acuris toe protector in gel

Highly elastic and soft gel shell. Protects toes and nails from scrapes between the toes and wounds caused by footwear. Made of a moisturising, elastic and soft gel, the cap relieves painful corns and abrasions.
Available in sizes S, M and L.